Argentina, the new doggie heaven

With new disposable income, dog lovers in Latin America pamper their pets. Across Latin America — led by Brazil, Mexico and Argentina — pet owners are splurging on packaged pet food, dietary supplements, grooming supplies and other trinkets.

Brazil's slowdown can hurt neighboring Argentina

The fear is that if Brazil — Argentina’s closest trading partner — can’t escape the global problems, then Argentina won’t either. A slowdown in the Brazilian economy is likely to reverberate throughout Argentina.

Latin America in 2011: the year ahead

Five stories likely to be important in Latin America this year: Disaster recovery. Runaway currencies. Crime. Chinese investment. Power grabs.

Wind: The other untapped offshore energy source

Offshore wind has taken a back seat to offshore drilling for oil and natural gas in the current energy debate. But those wind-driven turbines probably will be operating long before oil platforms appear off Atlantic Coast states.

New disability regulations prompt chorus of concern

Proposed changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act are drawing intense scrutiny from businesses that foresee a financial drain and disability rights advocates who say the changes are long overdue and don't go far enough.
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