That's me — motorcycling, hiking, sailing, and exploring. I love to travel.

I grew up in Boston, Mass., and lived there until September 2011, when I moved to Argentina. I had previously spent a summer in Chile, just across the Andes, but it always seemed like Buenos Aires was the place to be. Living there was an adventure, not the sky-diving, gravity-defying kind of adventure, but the type that you figure out a day at a time. Success, I found, was measured by little things — when the owner at your corner produce stand greets you on the street, when you finally track down the most delicious salads, cocktails, and coffee ice cream in the city. Or when you finally understand the buses (really, it's not that hard).

That's not to say I didn't fit in my share of good old-fashioned travel. I wanted to see Argentina, as much of the country as I could. I rode a motorcycle along part of the Inca Trail, hiked in one of the premier national parks in South America, and even picked up an Argentine accent along the way.

Now I've moved to San Francisco and have a whole new city to explore. You can read all about my adventures at Steph and Ben's Travels.