I'm a blogger, a writer and an editor. My work has been published by the Associated Press, CNN, GlobalPost, and other leading news organizations.

Before moving to Argentina, I worked as an editor for the international news site GlobalPost. I oversaw all things Latin America — I edited stories, wrote news roundups, and managed about a dozen writers overseas. I also started the Que Pasa blog on Latin America news, in which I tried to move beyond covering only drugs and violence in Latin America and to explore the continent's art, culture, politics, and history.

I previously worked for the Associated Press in Washington, where I covered Congress, wrote about a historic presidential campaign, and dug deep on policy issues, including disability regulations and wind energy.

In 2008, I graduated from Harvard University with a degree in history and a foreign language citation in Spanish. But I spent most of my time at 14 Plympton Street, home of the Harvard Crimson, where I served as an executive editor. My favorite story? This one, on a chemist from Iowa who almost became Harvard's president.

Now I blog for fun, chronicling my adventures.